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Meet the Kunsoot Team!

Meet the Kunsoot Team!

Kunsoot Wellness Society, Founding Board of Directors Marilyn Slett, Heiltsuk Tribal Council Carrie Easterbrook, Kaxla Mavis Windsor, Social Development Joann Green, Heiltsuk College Gary Housty Sr, Hemas Howie Duncan, Youth Keith Marshall, Health Centre

Kunsoot Working Group – comprised of the above, plus: Ayla Brown, HTC Health Portfolio Travis Hall, HTC Health Portfolio Cindy Neilson, Youth Centre Treena Wynes, Kaxla Support Staff at Qqs Society Larry Jorgenson, Project Manager Jessie Housty, Communications Strategist Desiree Lawson, Engagement Strategist

Please note: We will expand our Working Group as the project evolves, and some of the Working Group members may transition into a role on the Board of Directors.

Qqs has been tasked with managing the construction phase under the direction of the Kunsoot Wellness Society Board of Directors. The KWS will collectively manage the facility and its programming once the construction phase is complete.

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