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Heiltsuk Run/Walk for Wellness Fundraiser

First Annual Virtual Heiltsuk Run/Walk for Wellness Fundraiser

Císḷáṇugvṇvṇƛa q̓vílákṃ - Taking care of myself


A virtual run; fundraising for wellness while encouraging wellness. We want to host an event that is all inclusive, an event where all fitness levels can contribute to a great cause. Walk, jog, Run whatever suits your lifestyle best. The purpose is to get our community moving and working towards healthy fitness goals while helping support a great initiative that will benefit the community.

There will be two tiers to this Virtual run:

FIRST TIER – General Public, all fitness levels


For the general public of all fitness levels. Participants will work toward running/walking 5k-10k walkers/runners choice, they will have 10 weeks to train before our actual run dates. Due to COVID its hard to plan anything big so we are going to have the dates open from March 20th-March 27th(Spring break in BC). This will encourage more to participate as they can be flexible of when they complete there run/walk. We encourage participants to track their training in that 8 week span, by fitness app, fitness watch or we can provide a template if need be, we also plan to have distance markers set out in old towns for locals (5k is Old towns and back, 10k would be old towns and back twice). Incentive to track your training ; Everyone who submits training updates throughout the 10 week period will get entered to win an Fit Watch of their choice.

REGISTRATION FEE: Sliding scale basis between $10-$60. All proceeds from registration will go towards KWC Programming.

SECOND TIER – Sponsored Runners

20 sponsored runners/walkers, we will do a call out to avid Heiltsuk/Indigenous runners and invite them to join in on our run for wellness, they’d be training towards doing a 10k-21k run (runners choice), our sponsored runners will be asked to track their training progress via social media leading up to the run dates, during this time we ask them to collect donations from sponsors, this could be family, friends, coworkers, businesses, Heiltsuk entities, etc.

Our Sponsored runners are actively training for their distance of choice and looking for sponsors along the way! Please see our social media platforms to see our list of Sponsored Runners.

Instagram Handle: @kunsoot Facebook Handle: Kunsoot Wellness Project


We will be in collaboration with Jefferson Brown who has a program queued up and ready to go for a 5K run. He will be offering this program to anyone who wants to participate.

We’re also going to collaborate with Christine Suter, who is an avid runner and has 8 years of experience in training others to run several distances! She has volunteered to write out some programs but may also be available to host some as well.

We will have a few options of training posted on our social media channels and website, we can also make hard copies available for those who want it.

Training Dates: START- January 22nd, 2021-March 19th, 2021

Run Dates: START- March 20th, 2021 – April 3rd , 2021


We will suggest a fitness app that is downloadable on smart phones and encourage those who have fitness watches use them to track their progress, We’ll also have a template to write down tracking if need be. (ie how far they ran per training day and time it took) and also their final distance/time with date completed. We’re also hiring Hayley Reid to make some wooden distance markers for us to be placed out in old towns. We hope to also hire Max Johnson and Astrid Wilson to collaborate in doing some mini COVID safe workshops for aspiring artists to write the distance as well as some awesome Heiltsuk art on them.


We will continuously post on our social media platforms advocating and promoting our wellness run.

Once the run dates have past we will post photos submitted by our participants and encourage them to send in a testimony on how this helped with their physical and emotional well being, why they chose to contribute to Kunsoot Wellness Centre and if they’d do it again.


First Tier- General Public of all fitness Levels engage and track progress (training and during your run). Participants who track their progress will get entered to win an Apple Fit watch once all participants have finished their run.

Second Tier- Sponsored Runners for the gracious efforts of our Sponsored runners hard work they will get to keep 20% of donations brought in (or if preferred a gift card to their store of choice).

Second Tier- Urban Sponsored Runners on top of the 20% of donations you get to keep, your fundraising money will go into a separate pot designated for Urban Heiltsuk, this will aid in bringing urban Heiltsuk home to experience Kunsoot Programming.

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